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 Buying glasses online when you all you can do is have a 'best guess' at what you're going to look like - or whether they'll fit or not - or even whether the quality is OK - is pretty difficult.

Voila! NZ's only free home trial service for glasses has arrived!


Here's how it works

1. Select up to four frames that you love and add them using the specific free home trial button.

2. Checkout as usual. (hey it's trying to charge me $5 a frame, what's going on?) Yes correct. See below for more info but we charge $5 per frame for our free home trial and provided they are returned within 10 days we refund you 100% of this amount. Or you can use it as a credit against an order of your perfect glasses. Either way our free home trial really is free!

3. You'll get your trial glasses within a couple of days (usually next day but allow 2) and you've then got 10 days to try them on, match them with your favourite clothes, get your mates to offer their advice (or not) and just generally get comfortable about your new glasses.

4. To return them, pack them up in the same protective cases & box that they came in. Put them into the prepaid, return addressed courier bag that was supplied with them and drop the parcel off at a local NZ Post depot or arrange a pickup by contacting Courierpost. Every single part of the delivery to you and back to us again is totally free!

5. Once we receive them, we'll immediately refund the full amount back to your credit card or issue you a credit code, whichever you prefer.

6. Then all you need to do is jump online again and place an order of glasses you loved them most along with your lenses details this time and within a couple of days you'll be wearing them! It really is this easy! - free home trial glasses is so easy

Some FAQ about our free home trial

This $5 thing, please explain? Yes we charge $5 per frame for our free home trial service. But provided the frames are returned within 10 days and are in original condition, then 100% of the cost is refunded back to your credit card within 24 hours. Or you can use it as a credit against an order of your chosen glasses. 

Why is there a $5 charge? Can't you just send them for free upfront. Honestly, it is just to cover ourselves from being too easy to take for a ride. Yes we'd love to just offer them free too but unfortunately in today's world it doesn't work that way anymore.

When does the clock start on my 10 days trial? We start the clock from when they are delivered to your door.

Do the glasses have lenses in them? Yes they do but they are just clear, non-prescription lenses.

What if the glasses do get damaged or lost or something... what's going to happen? Firstly relax! We have no intention of making anyone's life difficult and the easiest way to achieve this is to say right upfront that we'll still give you a full refund or credit in the event the glasses are damaged or lost. These things happen and it's not that big of a deal.

Is it easy to return the glasses? Yes it is! Once they're ready to send back, all you do is book the pickup with NZ Post (can be done online or their freephone) or you can drop the parcel off at a NZ Post shop or even pop it into a roadside postal box. It really is this easy! We include full instructions how to return them with the glasses too.

Can I order trial glasses along with an order for glasses with my prescription lenses? No you can't. The free trial checkout process works differently and will not let you mix free trial glasses with a regular glasses order.



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