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How to choose the perfect pair of glasses

Glasses are totally individual to every single wearer but buying glasses online has a huge amount of positives - and yes there are a few negatives too! We'll completely cover off every single aspect for you in this article.

1. The LOOK

The first thing you should do - before you even start browsing different glasses, is think about the look you want to achieve. It's OK to change your mind at any time of course, but without having some idea of what look you want, then you'll find it much more difficult to make a decision and be comfortable with your decision.

Is there someone you can think of that wears glasses and you like their look? Maybe it's someone you've seen on social media or a magazine and you just have the sense that it's the very look you want too? Preferably this person should have similarities to you which will make it easier to visualise the look you are wanting to achieve. Once you have a reasonably clear picture of this in your head, it's time to start matching frames to that look!

2. Searching for frames

Our website makes it super-easy to narrow down your frames selection. Use the filter options for this.

Some hot tips when using the filter options:

  • The most important filters to start with are: material, shape, size and type. Start with these only and then proceed to narrow the selection using the other filter options.
  • Be very clear about the frames shape you want before you go too far. The clearer you are about what frames shape you want, the easier it will be to make a final decision as this is perhaps the most influential factor in whether you love the way you look in your new glasses or not.
  • Once you're happy you've got the first four filter options right, go for colour next. There's two reasons for this, firstly because colour is the next most important decision (after shape) and secondly because you need to know that the glasses you are leaning towards are actually available in your preferred colour. If you leave the colour decision to the very last you may find your perfect glasses don't come in the colour you want and you have to start all over again.
  • Lastly choose price. Now we don't say this to try and upsell you into more expensive glasses, (our prices are all extremely good value as you've already no doubt noticed!) but because choosing the most perfect pair of glasses and being super-happy with your decision is much more important than saving $10, $20 or $30 and never being quite 100% happy with your final decision.

What about my face shape?

Although many online glasses retailers do offer advice about which glasses are supposed to suit particular face shapes, in our experience this becomes too confusing as a way of trying to decide on your perfect pair of glasses. You will end up more worried about whether your face is oval or diamond shaped than what glasses you love. 

A word about frame sizes

All optical glasses frames have their dimensions printed on the inside of one of the arms. If you have a pair of glasses already, (and if it isn't worn off) you should be able to read the frame sizes and find out whether you need small, medium, large or extra-large frames. 

The relevant numbers for the glasses above are: "46 □ 21-145"

46 = lens width, which is the distance in mm from the greatest width of the lens within the frame.

21 = bridge width, which is the area of the glasses above your nose.

145 = arm or temple length.

All other numbers or words are irrelevant to the glasses size.

This guide will help you work this out. We're using the glasses above in this example.

Take the lens width measurement & multiply it by 2. (eg: 46mm x 2 = 92mm)

Add the bridge width measurement to this. (eg: 92mm + 21mm = 113mm)

This gives you a basic size that you can see falls within the 'small' size frames.

Of course it hasn't taken into account the arm (temple) length yet but we recommend you get the frame width right first and then once you have selected your frames to a few you really like, check that the temple length is within no more than 3-4mm of your current frames. Generally they will be as glasses are usually made to similar width vs length ratios.

What are the negatives?

They... just... don't... fit....!

Despite everything, it's possible that you may choose a pair of glasses that just aren't right. It may be that the colour isn't what you thought it would be or more commonly, the glasses don't fit. For instance you may find that your new glasses sit higher up (or lower down) your nose than you want due to the position of the nose pads. This is something you can never know prior to actually putting them on for the first time.

Unfortunately this is one example where buying glasses online will never beat the alternate of being able to physically try them on before you buy them. But don't despair! It's for this very reason that we have a 60 day full satisfaction 100% money back guarantee! If you just can't make your new glasses work, then all you need to do is return them to us (we even provide you a free return label when you order) and we will refund you every cent you paid for them.

You don't even have to give a reason for returning them - in fact you don't even need to contact us first! We know it can be uncomfortable sometimes making arrangements to return products and getting a refund, so we've made our process 100% automated.

All you have to do is repackage the glasses and the glasses case they arrived in, put them into a box that's sturdy enough to ensure they don't get damaged whilst in transit and a note that includes your original order details (or a copy of your order) so we can match the correct refund to the correct customer and send it back to us. We will process a full refund back you your credit card within 24 hours of receiving the glasses back.

Oops my prescription is wrong!

Yes this may happen. Let's face it, you probably don't fancy yourself as a glasses prescription guru and as most of it is probably gobble-de-gook to you, it's possible that when you put your new glasses on for the first time that there's DEFINITELY something that's not right with the lenses prescription. OR maybe we stuffed it up? Despite doing everything we can to ensure we get your prescription perfect, unfortunately it still could happen.

If so, relax! Just get in touch with us and we'll help to get your glasses back to us and we'll re-do the lenses to the correct prescription for free even if it was you who entered the wrong details! Yep, it happens, but we know how to make things right quickly so don't worry. In no time you'll have your glasses back with the right prescription in them. How easy is that!

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