Progressive & Bifocal Lenses

Although many glasses wearers use progressives or bifocal glasses, unfortunately we are unable to offer these at anymore.

The reason for this is that it is just too difficult to get the prescription perfect without doing the fitting in-person. 

Yes we used to offer these before our website upgrade in late 2020 but when we analysed what we were good at and what we quite simply weren't so good at, it was pretty obvious that our success rate at providing great progressive or bifocal glasses was way too low - much lower than what is acceptable to us. In a nutshell, if we were to continue offering progressive or bifocal glasses and you were to order them from us, you'd have about a 30% chance that you wouldn't be happy with them. That's quite a bit lower than the 100% satisfaction that we strive for!

Will we ever do them in the future? Probably not. We're sorry about this!