How to order

For many glasses wearers, placing your first order online can be very scary. You're terribly worried that you'll either order glasses you don't like, (or don't fit) or that the prescription will be wrong - or both!

Don't worry, it's actually very easy and on top of this you are COMPLETELY COVERED in any situation with our 60 day,100% full money-back satisfaction guarantee so whatever happens you're going to get either the glasses you love or 100% of your money back!

So with that out of the way, let's dive in!

Your prescription

Before you go any further, have you got your glasses prescription? It can't be a contact lenses prescription. It's recommended that it is less than two years old but if yours is older than this, provided you're happy with it then you can still buy glasses using it.

If you don't have this... you will need to get one before you buy glasses from You can do this at any optometrist. Just make sure you request a copy of your prescription when you do so.

Choosing your glasses

We have a much more comprehensive article on who to choose your glasses here so check this out here

Providing a copy of your prescription

Once you've found the glasses you love, providing your prescription is the next step.

You will be taken through a series of very easy and well explained questions that will provide us with everything we need to know what lenses you require.

At the end there is an upload function where you can attach a copy of your prescription to your order before you checkout.

PD (Pupillary Distance)

If your prescription doesn't have this, check out this article about how to measure your PD yourself Or if you have two measurements for this, add them both together to get the right measurement for this. Quick tip: the average PD measurement for adults is 63mm so if yours is vastly different to this, then check you have got it correctly.

If you aren't confident doing this, skip this process and we will use average PD instead.


Once your prescription has been uploaded, click add to cart and proceed through a very normal checkout process.

Once the order is completed

You will get a confirmation email as soon as the order is completed. 

You can expect your glasses to be shipped either the same business day (80% of orders ship the same day for single vision. Progressives take 12-14 days) or the following business day at the latest. As soon as your glasses have been shipped you'll get an email advising you of this and it will include a tracking link so you can track the shipment yourself.

100% or orders ship from our NZ location and we use Courierpost non-signature service for all our deliveries.

If we have any questions about your order, we will email you in the first instance.

The entire ordering process is actually very easy and fun! Once you've done it the first time you'll be hooked!

But of course if at anytime you feel out of your depth, just get straight on the phone or chat to us and we'll walk you through everything with you.

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