Do you have a pair of glasses you just love but you need new lenses fitted?

Maybe the lenses have broken, have got scratched or you've had a change of prescription?

But the frames themselves are still in great condition, you paid plenty for them and you still love them! We've got you sorted!

Just select this product, enter your prescription details and for just $40 including lenses you've got perfect vision through your favourite glasses again!

How it works

1) Purchase this product. The process will include selecting your lenses options and you will be prompted to upload your prescription. 

2) Once the purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email which will include all your order details and an order number starting with "GL". Please reply back to this email with a photo of the glasses you wish to reglaze. This is important.

3) You will then need to courier your glasses to us. Just add a note and include your order number once you've purchased this product.

Our address for courier: 

2052 State Highway 10, 
Waipapa 0230

4) We will reglaze your glasses the same or following day we receive them (unless they're progressives then these will take 12-14 days) and get them on the courier again to you the same day so it should only take 3-4 days from when you send them to when you have them back again!

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure glasses for reglazing are delivered to us. We cannot take any responsibility for ensuring your glasses are delivered to us either in a timely manner or in the same condition you dispatched them. We will however take full responsibility for delivery back to you including any associated costs.

Also please note, we cannot reglaze full rimless glasses.

Is your prescription older than two years? Although it is recommended to have a prescription every two years, this is not a legal requirement and we do not enforce it. If you are confident your prescription is still OK then we have no difficulty using it to reglaze your own glasses.